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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review from JeanzBookReadNReview!

Jeanz Book Review

This was a totally different take on paranormal that I hadn't read before. Abby can literally look people in the eye and jump into their body! So when she is in hospital and her so called best friend Jenny visits her though it turns out that she just wants Abby's car keys so she doesn't have to pay for the gas it will take to get to the school reunion.So of course Abby is out for payback lol and bot does she get it. Abby jumps into Jenny's body and lets say has some serious fun, she goes to the reunion party and totally embarrasses Jenny by being what Abby now knows is the "real Jenny's attitude" to everything, and everyone. Its quite difficult to say a lot without giving away spoilers but just think for a moment.......if you could jump into anyone's body what would you do? I mean your at the school reunion with the very people that bullied you as a teenager.....who would you jump into and what would you do as payback when you did? The even funnier bit is that when Abby has had enough in one body she can simply jump into another, the previous "body" just kind of "wakes up" and can't remember a thing!! Abby can have her hearts desire, but will she choose to take someone life over permanently or return to her rapidly failing body in the hospital bed her mum sits beside sobbing?

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