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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My guest blog at COCKTAILS AND BOOKS!

Cocktails and Books

WANTING TO BE BEAUTIFULHave you ever been in a position to desperately want this? I have. In my senior year, I was crazy about this gorgeous guy in my school and I wanted him to ask me to a tea dance. He was dishy in every way - I mean, the guy can be an actor, easy. But me? I wasn't so crazy about my own looks. Why would a guy that hunky want to go to a dance with little ole me, right?

(In the end, he did! But that's because I asked him! Bravo for me!)

That's the theme of my book, THE BODY SNATCHER WEARS LIPSTICK. It's about a dumpy Everygirl who wants everything she never had - a hot, thin body, a spectacular job, a handsome guy to have and to hold. The only thing she has holding her back (she believes) is the way she looks . . . which leads to confidence issues . . . and the fact she has never taken hold of her own life.

But when something paranormal happens to her, she develops the ability to jump into other people's bodies. So if you have been below average-looking all your life, what do you immediately crave? Everything you've never had, right?

This is the story of Abby Watson, who transformed from Zero to Gorgeous 36DD push-ups overnight, and her mission to get the one man she has been seeking all her life (but never dared because he was seemingly unattainable) . . . the ultra-handsome and extremely famous half-billionaire, Jake Carradoc. It's a very sexy romp about life, love, sex and a theme that has plagued almost every woman now and then - AM I GOOD ENOUGH?

Do find out if Abby Watson is good enough!

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