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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kay Dee Royal Interview!

Kay Dee Royal Interview!

Welcome Artemis. I grabbed some info off your bio and would like to share…so everyone gets to know you a little better and because I love your bio (smile).

“Artemis Hunt has a husband who thinks all fiction is nonsense and all writers of fiction should get their heads checked for situational delusions. At any one time, they have 16 to 20 dogs, many of suspicious virtue.

Artemis frequently wishes she has telekinesis, so she doesn't have to lift a finger to change the room temperature. She's constantly glued to her computer, which serves as her gateway to her friends, books, movies, TV serials and sometimes husband, even though they're sitting on the same bed two feet apart.

Artemis writes under the name of A.R. Hunt for the adult thriller and suspense genre.”

Your bio makes me smile…especially the part about your husband…I have one of those kind too. (LOL)

Let’s get rolling on the interview – I have lots of questions…

KDR ~ Paranormal is my favorite genre, but mix it with humor and what a treasure! The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick has a twisty, unique concept/theme, leaping in and out of bodies (as per blurb). So, tell us how the idea for this little gem came to you, Artemis?
AH ~ It’s something I’ve always wanted to do myself, a superpower I think is completely cool! You know, like flying or shape-shifting. So I thought, why not write a book on someone who can?

KDR ~ Abby sounds like she had a lot of speed bumps in her life ~ tell us a bit about Abby. What drives her?

AH ~ I patterned her after a friend who hates her job and hates the way she looks. Abby is 6 feet tall, a total fashion disaster. In short, someone who would totally relish jumping into someone else’s beautiful body and know what it’s like to be gorgeous for once.

KDR ~ I absolutely love the concept of jumping from body to body…like trying them on for size, so to speak. LOL. Can you give us a reason for her frenemy? Who and why?
AH ~ You know some of the friends we make in life who are always putting us down and being with us just because they need someone to boast to? That’s Jenny, Abby’s best friend. Abby wants friends so badly that she knows that Jenny does this, and yet, she sticks with Jenny.

KDR ~ Hope Jenny appreciates Abby…at least a little. So who is Jake Carradoc?
AH ~ He’s a guy Abby has been in love with like forever. He came to her 8th birthday party and vanished. He grew up, got rich and famous, and Abby has always been pining for him ever since. But she knows he’s unattainable.

KDR ~ Tell us about Jake and Abby’s first meeting (if you can).
AH ~ Aside the 8th birthday party, she’s wearing someone else’s beautiful body. She’s fleeing from a man who recognizes what she is – a body snatcher. She hurtles across the road and a car hits her. It’s Jake’s Ferrari J

KDR ~ It’s a small world, after all *grins*
Is this a series and/or can you tell us about the project/s you’re currently working on?

AH ~ This is a series. I’m currently writing a YA psychological thriller called THE SEVEN KEYS. In between, I write erotica short stories under another pen name. Those are my current bestsellers.

KDR ~ Yay! It’s a series…so, looking forward to reading more of this paranormal romance comedy.
Is there anything else you’d like to share about The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick?

AH ~ It has been optioned to be made into a movie. But that hasn’t seen the light of day yet.

KDR ~ Artemis, that’s wonderful news. Congratulations!
What has been the happiest moment in your writing career so far?

AH ~ People leaving me a 5 star review J Having bestsellers in Amazon’s category Top 100. Having bestsellers in All Romance Ebooks.


What tip or bit of advice would you share with a fledgling paranormal author?

AH ~ Keep on writing. Don’t ever stop writing. Write a sequel. Write a third book. Don’t worry about sales. They will come, or they won’t for one book, but they may for another book.

KDR ~ Where can people find you? Website, blog, FB, Twitter, author page, buy page, etc.
I have a website at , though I rely on my husband to update it and he doesn’t!

I have a blog which I update regularly.

My Facebook page is Artemis Hunt.

My Twitter handle is ArtemisHunt1.

I don’t dare tell people my erotica pen name, though it’s a twist on Artemis Hunt.

What’s Your Favorite/Preference Quickie Quiz ~ Getting to know Artemis Hunt…

Ice cold Chocolate!

Writing Tool?
HP Elitebook.

My Pomeranian.



Time of Day/Night?


Fantasy/Paranormal Character? (ghost, witch, mermaid, shifter, vampire, etc.)


Past time/Hobbie?


What place have you never been and always wanted to go? 

Machu Picchu, Peru.

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