Hi, you have just arrived at my blogsite. I'm Artemis Hunt, author, harried employee, long-suffering wife, multi-tasker, Pomeranian lover, stepmother to two grown-up stepkids. I'm going to blog about subjects I feel passionately about. Please browse, and maybe you'll find something you feel passionately about too. For darker adult stories, I write under the name of A.R. Hunt. For straight erotica and erotic romances with mild BDSM (a la Fifty Shades), I write under the name of multiple Amazon and Barnes and Noble bestselling erotica author, Aphrodite Hunt.

Mysterious Desire


Shy and innocent Liz Turner is trying to pay for college, and moonlights as a maid in a swanky hotel. But when a devastatingly handsome stranger barges into the men's restroom she's trying to clean - despite the NO ENTRY sign she has put at the door - it's like kismet.

Violent sparks ignite the libido she never knew she had, and suddenly, he's seducing her against the wall. Breathless and guilty, he leaves. She never expects to see him again, until she finds out that he is Alexander Vassar - half-American entrepreneur, Harvard graduate . . . and a European crown prince who is engaged to be married to someone else.

But Alex seems to mysteriously desire her and only her. Liz cannot understand it. Does he truly want her or is there an ulterior motive behind it all that will shatter her confidence and rapidly succumbing heart?

MYSTERIOUS DESIRE is a 16,000-word sensual New Adult romance novelette. 


Acclaim ~
"Hunt has managed to dramatically re-tell every girl's fantasy in a modern setting. Mysterious Desire is a beautifully written piece with feelings that gush out the pages, just as powerfully as the tasteful lust that's bound up in this tale. Five stars." Desuvius

"This story is an absolute delight. This is a Princely story for the modern age with realistic characters and a strong voice."  Anonymous, Barnes and Noble


I realize I'm still on the floor. I hastily put down the brush, and oh - I do feel a little woozy. Blood has definitely drained out of my head and into my goodness-knows-where, but I experience a tightening in my most intimate of places.

I recognize it as primordial lust.

Oh my God. I've just met this man whom I will never see again . . . and I'm lusting after him?

"It's not lust," I can hear the voice of my roommate, Deanna, telling me. "It's love at first sight. I'm telling you. You'll know when it happens."

"There's no such thing," I scoffed at her then.

No one can fall in love at first sight. It's always lust. Some animal attraction that implodes you. But here it is. And I don't want to think it's just lust. I can't seem to get up. My knees have turned to shaky pudding. My insides have melted.

No, not lust. It's kismet.

Like I've just met my karmic soul-mate.

With a couple of steps, he's at my side.

"Hey, you all right?"

His warm hands are touching my arm, my shoulders, buoying me up. His touch on my skin is electric. I feel flushed all of a sudden, and I definitely feel faint.

I rise shakily to my feet, his arms holding mine. Up close, his face is breathtaking. His skin is incredibly clear and soft, and my lungs are completely depleted of air. The air between us is as thick as molasses.

We are facing one another - very close. His beautiful face swims in my vision, and his warmth seeps into me. Those wonderful lips curl in a knowing smile, and before I can tell what is happening - they close in onto mine.

Oh my God.

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