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Friday, November 1, 2013

Wolf Pack 2 - Awesome Prizes & $0.99 Shifter Romances!

Wolf Pack 2 - Awesome Prizes & $0.99 Shifter Romances!

As winter approaches it's time to stock up on steamy romances and for a limited time you can grab 10 scorching hot shifter romance stories for just $0.99 each!

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Georgette St. Clair

Book Title: The Alpha Meets His Match

Adriana Hunter

Book Title: Better Mate Than Never

Aubrey Rose
Book Title: Blind Wolf

Tabitha Conall
Book Title: Harvest Moon

Marian Tee
Book Title: The Demon Duke and I

Lynn Red
Book Title: Change for Me

Dawn Steele
Book Title: The Pretend Marriage: A Werewolf Romance

Eliza Gayle
Book Title: Alpha Wolf Rising

Michelle Fox
Book Title: Blue Moon

Book Title: Shifter Romance Boxed Set

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Box Set & Giveaway

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Box Set & Giveaway

Love your book boyfriends filthy rich, devastatingly beautiful & irresistibly bad?
From betrayals and obsessions to secrets and seductions, this exclusive billionaire romance boxed set will possess you and leave you panting for more. Featuring stories from some of today's most popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble bestselling authors, including Tawny Taylor, Ava Lore, Selena Kitt, Terry Towers and Anna Antonia.
Grab this sizzling collection before it's too late. Ten scorching billionaire romances, OVER 335,000 total words for ONLY 99 cents! LIMITED TIME ONLY! (REGULAR PRICE: $9.99)
The Billionaire's Muse by Ava Lore: When struggling artist Sadie MacElroy attempts to pay back eccentric billionaire Malcolm Ward for a broken vase, Malcolm decides he wants her: in front of his camera, under his brush, and in his bed.
The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop by Terry Towers: Coffee shop hostess, Beth Wilmington, is shocked when one of her customers, sexy billionaire Gabriel Reynolds, offers her a job as a live-in housekeeper. She takes the job, but fears only trouble can ensue.
Yes, Mr. Collins by Anna Antonia (writing as Charlotte deCorte): Brilliant, yet demanding, billionaire boss Mr. Collins will stop at nothing to get his assistant Natasha Reynolds under this thumb and in his bed.
My Rockstar Billionaire by Amy Aday: Belle travels to an island resort and meets sexy and mysterious Ricky, who won't take no for an answer. Will she learn to trust again and learn his secrets?
Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt: When wanna-be designer Heidi accidentally stains fashion mogul Warren Kaiser's pants, she gets two things she didn't expect--a spanking and a job.
Gloria's Secret by Nelle L'Amour: Gloria Long, the world's largest retailer of lingerie, succumbs to the charms of billionaire advertising guru Jaime Zander, but her own dark secret threatens her empire, their relationship, and her life.
Make You Mine by Tawny Taylor: To keep her job, Daryl Laroche must find the perfect new client for her employer and the sexy, rich and enigmatic Tevin Page fits the bill. But before he signs the contract, he issues one deliciously tempting demand...
Trapped into a Marriage by Dez Burke: Blackmailed into marriage to rich, gorgeous, Nick Vitale, Keyonna Hayes is determined to teach him a thing or two about love. Soon intrigue, heartbreak, and betrayal ensue, and the two fight to regain a love that was always destined to be theirs.
The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire by Marian Tee: Schoolteacher Mairi Tanner is not a gold digger, she just knows what she wants her Mr. Right to be--handsome, Greek, and oh, a billionaire, too! Is that so bad?
What He Wants by Tawny Taylor: Billionaire Shane Trant always gets what he wants. He wants Bristol Deatrich, but only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Virgin Enslaved 2


Small town girl Beth Tyrell is in a dream relationship with her handsome billionaire boyfriend, Chris Morton. The sex is stupendous, their burgeoning love a marvel, and it’s all Beth can do to put the brakes upon moving too fast. To make matters more complicated, she has a new job, and her gorgeous new CEO boss may be putting the moves on her.

Then her whole world caves in when Chris’s ex-girlfriend, Selena, emerges from the dead.

Selena is not any ordinary ex-girlfriend. She was the one who emotionally damaged Chris when their teacher-student relationship was busted. And now she rises from her mysterious disappearance eighteen years ago with a sole name on her fevered mind: “Christopher Morton.”

Has Selena come to claim what is hers? And will Beth let Chris go without a fight?

A VIRGIN ENSLAVED 2, a 34,000-word erotic romance novel, is the sequel to A VIRGIN ENSLAVED.


“Elizabeth Tyrell? Please have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

He composes himself behind the desk.

“Can I get you some coffee?” he says solicitously. “Some mints?”

I suppress a smile. “I’m supposed to be getting you the coffee and mints, sir. That is, if I’m hired.”

“We’ll see about that,” he says with a smile.

I don’t know if it is meant to be flirtatious, and so I quickly hand him my portfolio. He spends some time reading it.

“Interesting. Very interesting.” He doesn’t sound patronizing at all. He looks up, his blue eyes crinkling. “I see you’ve worked for Morton Enterprises.”


“For a very brief period.” His gaze is knowing. “He has quite a reputation with his PAs, Christopher Morton. Your departure wouldn’t have been something to do with that now, would it?”

I flush. “Actually, sir – ”

“Please call me Boyd.”

“Actually, Mr. Boyd, it does.” I take a deep breath. Might as well come clean. “Mr. Morton and I are . . . dating. That is why I resigned from the company. It was because I didn’t want to compromise my professional ethics.”

Boyd’s pale blue eyes flare open in surprise. “Oh. That’s a new one.” He shakes himself to seemingly recover. “Woah, that caught me like a curveball from left field. Chris Morton is going out with you?”

He says this in the way that one would say ‘Did an alien really land in your backyard?”

I’m a little cheesed off. Why wouldn’t Chris Morton go out with me? I’m not that unattractive. I know I’m not Taylor, Chris’s beautiful ex-fuck buddy, but I don’t exactly have a spare thumb growing out of my nose either.

“Do you have a problem with that, sir?”

“Uh, no. It’s just that Chris Morton has a – ”

“Reputation, I know, but he’s trying to come clean now. And he has been trying for months.” I lick my lips. Why do I sound so defensive on behalf of Chris?

But I am. Chris deserves to have the benefit of the doubt. He has been wonderful for the past six months. He has been the perfect, attentive boyfriend, and I certainly can’t complain about the copious amounts of sex I’m getting.

Boyd’s eyes linger on my face, my lips.

I blush again.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

250,000th Sales Milestone

I have just hit the quarter million sales milestone mark. Thank you, dear readers, for all your support! I hope to be able to entertain you for a long time from now!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Pretend Boyfriend 4


Brian Morton is in serious trouble. The woman who accused him of rape, Delilah Faulkner, has offered to cut him a ‘deal’. She will drop all charges against his ‘pretend’ girlfriend, Sam, if he agrees to have sex with her. Repeatedly. Right up till his trial.

The cornered Brian hesitantly agrees. After all, he is willing to do anything for Sam. But one thing leads to another, and soon, Delilah wants a whole lot more than he is willing to give.

Meanwhile, Sam mistakenly thinks that Brian has taken up with Delilah. Blindsided with jealousy, she falls into the arms of her hunky gym employee.

With the trial looming up, can Brian and Sam save themselves in time?

THE PRETEND BOYFRIEND 4, a 24,000-word erotic romance short novel, is the final volume in the series.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Pretend Boyfriend 3


Things are not looking good for Samantha Fox and her ‘partner’, the gorgeous former playboy, Brian Morton. Their new gym is not attracting customers, thanks to a crushing campaign from a rival gym. Having sunk all his money into Sam’s dream, Brian is almost destitute.

To top it off, Brian’s rape trial is coming up. Believing that he was set up, Sam is determined to expose the truth. She secretly engineers a series of events to befriend Delilah Faulkner, the woman who accused Brian of raping her.

But things do not go as planned. Sam finds herself in more trouble than she has bargained for. Can Brian uncover the truth in time and save Sam from herself?

THE PRETEND BOYFRIEND 3 is a 24,000-word erotic romance short novel.


The Pretend Boyfriend
The Pretend Boyfriend 2
The Pretend Boyfriend 3


This is the main reason why he has managed to remain monogamous to Sam, he tells himself.

He has not been mono-amorous since he started having sex in the tenth grade. Not that he had told Sam he was sleeping only with her. It would ruin his reputation, and he has to preserve it where Sam is concerned lest she gets ideas.

Something in his chest squirms when he thinks of her. Something he doesn’t want to (is afraid to) acknowledge. He’s happy when he’s with her, even with the weight of the world straddled upon his shoulders.

It’s almost as though she’s enough for him. And all the trappings the world has once offered – money, unlimited sex with anonymous strangers – seem to fade into obscurity. He wonders why he needed them in the first place.

Like this new trainer at the gym, for example.

He had let Sam do all the hiring because the gym was more her thing than his. More importantly, he wants to lay low for a while. He’s afraid that his (public) involvement may send out the wrong perceptions and cause disrepute to the gym.

Besides, he doesn’t want to be partial to hiring only curvy blondes.

The trainer’s name is Lydia. She is a brunette who has streaked her hair purple. It’s a deep purple that is almost black, so you can’t tell the purple tints apart unless she stands under some fluorescent light.

After Sam has given them all her pep talk, Lydia sidles up to him.

“So,” she says casually, “I hear you’re Brian Morton. You own this place.”

“Along with Ms. Fox, your employer. I’m the silent partner.”

She’s smiling at him in a coy, seductive way, and he smiles back – carefully. Wouldn’t want the staff to think one of the partners is standoffish.

“You’re famous,” she says. “Everyone here is talking about you.”

“All the more reason for you to stay away, else I might do something you’ll regret,” he deadpans.

She laughs. “I’m not afraid of you. No one here is. We all know you didn’t do it.”

“Whatever happened to guilty unless proven innocent?”

“You can’t scare me.” Her eyes rake him up and down. “You know, you’ve got a good body. But I can make it even better.”

“How?” he challenges her. It’s not an encouragement. He’s not even flirting. He just wants to see where this goes.

“I could be your personal trainer. Five times a week. For free. Call it up sucking up to the boss.”

“I’m not your boss. She is.” He jerks his chin towards Sam, who is talking to one of the hunky trainers. A twinge of irrational jealousy strikes him, and then it passes. He has no right to chide Sam for talking – or doing anything else – with someone else she finds attractive. After all, they are both free spirits, and he has as much claim on her as she has on him.

“But you’re an equal partner.”

“Who told you that?”

“She did.” Lydia jerks her head towards Sam. “She seems to think very highly of you, and she mentions you any way she gets. She refers to you as ‘her partner’. Does it mean more than I think it does?’

“Office gossip is so passé.”

“We’re not in the office.”