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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Got a great review from Lisa's World of Books!

Lisa's World of Books


My Thoughts:
This book was so funny and at the same time it could make me cry in places too.  I love this in a book!   Abby is a great character that has these amazing body snatching experiences, really it makes you wish that you could jump into the body of those people you always wish you could be either to just experience life in their shoes or well make their life really difficult for them.  I was expecting the book to just be fun and games but it really was much more than that.   A really a decision that is not an easy on to make and so many people have to make in life, either go with your desires or do what is really and truly right.  And the great character continue past Abby into great dimension from both Jake and Helen.  Ms. Hunt does a great job with the balance in this book and provides an outstanding chick lit story that makes you want more. Not only do you want more story but the adult scenes will bring you back for more just on their own.

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