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Friday, November 18, 2011

Great review from I Wanna Sit Here and Read!

I Wanna Sit Here and Read

Today I have Artemis Hunt, author of The Body Snatcher Wears Lipstick, on the blog for a guest post. Also, my review of this hilarious book is below. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I want to talk about my journey as a romance writer.

I started writing at age 2. OK, I scribbled more than I actually wrote -- on those large pieces of white paper. I drew pictures, some naked. (OK, I was a mature 2-year-old). I wrote little stories on notebooks which I would leave around the house. I remember when I was 5 years old - I wrote this story called 'Nika and Carculli'. It was a romance. My father picked it up and started reading it aloud to my mother. I was mortified, because I was dealing with themes that were far more adult that my parents could stomach!

I screamed bloody murder and tore the story away from their prying eyes. Hee hee.

After years of writing freelance for newspapers and magazines, while holding down a full time job and taking several exams, I started writing fiction again in my 30s. I went the traditionally published way. The first stories I wrote were horror. (I know, very far from romance.) It was only around the time I wrote THE BODY SNATCHER WEARS LIPSTICK that I started to dabble in the romance genre again. So there you have it - I must be scarred emotionally by my parents' discovery of my early maturity!

It was so easy to write BODY SNATCHER that I wrote it within a month. I revised it twice, and sent it off to agents. I remember a very huge agent asking for the manuscript only 15 minutes after I wrote the query! And I was so excited, because he said it was a great idea.

But BODY SNATCHER is chick lit, and ultimately, all my agent hopes fell through because they said "chick lit is the kiss of death" in the traditional world.

So I decided to pull the manuscript from the agents, and publish it independently. Here it is! I'm very grateful to have gotten stellar reviews for the book, and I'm so glad it made so many people laugh and cry.

That's what we all hope to do as a writer!

~Artemis Hunt

Review by Kate
THE BODY SNATCHER WEARS LIPSTICK, by Artemis Hunt, is an amazingly fun and hilarious story about a woman who develops the ability to body jump. Abby hijacks other people's bodies having a great time until she realizes that her fun comes at a price for her old body. After meeting her dream man and celebrity crush, her choice to return to her hum-drum life becomes nearly impossible.

This book was a fabulous read. I loved Abby to death. She was never the 'pretty girl' and her life was nothing to write home about. But when given the chance, after a painful monkey bite, to live anyone's life Abby took her new gift to the next level. I loved reading Abby's thinking process. She is snarky and sarcastic which had me cracking up on every single page.

Hunt truly has a talent for understanding the human mind and creating anticipation for the reader. Abby knew she wasn't doing the right thing but she kept on going and going. I loved the scenes with her and Jake, but I always wondered what he was thinking. He and Abby both underwent huge character development in their short time together and Hunt wrapped up the book quite nicely. Definitely a must-read!!

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