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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great review from The Ramblings of Amy!

Amy's review!

My Take:

Abby is a wonderful character whose bodysnatching experiences will make you wish you could do the same (hey, who wouldn't want to step into your nemesis' Size 6 body and eat her way to obesity! HA!) The book, however, goes beyond surface fun. Ultimately, Abby must make a decision between desire and righteousness. It's not an easy one and Ms. Hunt plays it out beautifully with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. Like her previous book, this one, too, explores the theme of accepting ones self and finding beauty inside. 

Jake is to die for and Helen, the book's love-to-hate character turns out to be surprisingly three dimensional. I loved Abby and rooted for her to get Jake. I also really liked the way Ms. Hunt made Abby examine her moral compass. There's a lot of emotional tension in this story along with the humor. This is a fast and fun read, and all in all, I definitely recommend this one for a read or two!

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