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Friday, October 7, 2011

Author Spotlight Interview!

I'm particularly stoked about this one because this is from my friend and beta-reader. And an incredible beta she is!

Author Spotlight: Artemis Hunt and Her Hot Alien

Hello all! I'm so happy to say I have one of my crit partners here for the Author Spotlight. Artemis Hunt (her pen name) has several books out right now. But first, the all important interview questions!

The Writing Process: How do you plot, if you’re a plotter, and how do you revise?
I'm an obsessive outliner. I outline everything, and then I show my beta. She tears through it :) (*That's me, yep, the Tear-orizer*) Then I repair what she doesn't like.
I begin to write chapter by chapter based on the outline. I get new ideas, and then the outline changes slightly, but not for the major plot points. I show chapter by chapter to my beta. She tears through them. I pick up the broken pieces.
Wash, rinse, repeat.
The Publishing Process: If you decided to self-publish, what was the final push that allowed that decision?
I really, really wanted to try it. I was reading about how many copies indie publishers sold vs when they were traditionally published, and I wanted to at least try one book while querying other books. I was a traditionally published short story collection author before this, and I had great success in the traditional publishing field. My short story collection shot up to No. 2 in the bestselling lists. I had great traction. One of my stories was serialized in a newspaper.
So I believe in the traditional publishing concept. But I also recognize the world is changing and I want to give indie e-publishing a try.
I still have agent requests on this book out there that I haven't sent. (They get so many I'm sure they won't remember whether I sent it in or not, haha!) I don't regret it so far. In my first 9 days, I sold 17 copies.
Writing Miscellany: Is there a different genre you might like to try and write someday?
I actually do write in different genres. SNOW WHITE is a fantasy/sci-fi/romance (YA). My short stories, soon to be re-released in the Kindle e-book form, are thriller/horror. Another of my finished manuscripts is a paranormal chick lit.
Random or Weird question: Do you believe in aliens?
Since I totally wrote about a drop-dead handsome one who visits Earth in order to colonize it, and ends up falling in love with Snow White, even if he thinks she's downright ugly (!), I think I do believe in them!

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